Big Bear Zoo Animals

The Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District is excited to announce that the construction of the new Big Bear Alpine Zoo is right around the corner both literally and figuratively! Construction is scheduled to begin no later than March, 2016 and may begin earlier if weather permits. The new Big Bear Alpine Zoo will be constructed at the corner of Club View Drive and Moonridge Road providing a relatively short transition for the current animal collection from the current site once the new facility is open. The Zoo’s mission is and has been to rescue and rehabilitate injured, orphaned, or abandoned wildlife with the hope in each case to release the animal back into its natural habitat. Those that are not releasable due to human imprinting, debilitating injury, or inability to sustain in the wild become our education ambassadors helping the Zoo to further its message of ecology through education. The new facility is scheduled to open between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 2017. Until then, don’t miss the chance to see our upgraded Snow Leopard, Black Bear, Raccoon, and Raven exhibits, and all of the rest of our magnificent animals.


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