Cakes by MieshaWho could have known when Fresno native Miesha Ellard was a young military wife living on Fort Bragg that she was on her way to the magic of creating the custom cakes she amazes her clients with today?

She knew little about cooking when she started watching The Food Network but soon The Ellard’s was the house for holiday meals. Mrs. Ellard admits to having a sweet tooth and it did not take her long to realize that she no longer had to settle for store bought desserts when she could make better. People started telling her she should go into business and by 2011 her enterprise was up and running. Today we know it as Cakes by Miesha.

“A person should have the same reaction when they taste one of my cakes as when they first see it,” Miesha says proudly. She experiments with fresh ingredients to create custom flavors just as she experiments to create her one-of-a-kind hand sculpted and painted edible works of art. The champagne cake covered with strawberries and dusted with gold is a real show stopper.

Styled as designer purses, castles, custom dolls, potted plants, and just about anything her customer can envision, these cakes take 2 to 3 days to create but are quickly devoured by Miesha’s clients and their guests. The largest cake to date fed 300 people.

This lovely lady, called “Cakes” by friends, lights up when she talks about cooking meals and dessert for guests and her giant personality guarantees company to match. Her smile and easy laughter are impressive and more so when you know that several years ago Miesha and her husband lost their precious daughter to a tragic accident. “I prayed for strength,” says Miesha with grace and acceptance, “but when God closes one door, he opens another.” Shortly after, they were blessed with a son, Patrick, soon to be 13. The loss of their daughter strengthened them and became a part of their journey. A journey which eventually led to San Clemente. “Every day feels like a vacation here,” she says. Time at the beach reading her bible, remembering her daughter and planning her next creation is a regular part of Mrs. Ellard’s daily routine.

Miesha’s philosophy is, “Our most important special occasions are graced with Cake. More than just flour, butter and sugar, they are sentimental edible memories.” When you order from this professional, be prepared for an interview about the recipient and the event. In addition to creativity and quality, Mrs. Ellard believes Customer Service to be a hallmark of her business. She often posts step-by-step progress of her cakes on Facebook so that the clients can be part of the action.

When asked what is most important to her, she replies without hesitation, “God, Family and Cake!”

Cakes by Miesha

Miesha Ellard


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