Acrobatic gymnastics combines the beauty of dance, the awe of acrobatics, and the power of gymnastics in one exciting sport! One of five gymnastics disciplines governed by USA Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnasts draws from the basic elements of gymnastics, namely choreography, agility, balance, strength and grace. Competitive Acrobatic Gymnasts perform in pairs, trios and fours. The Balance Exercise demonstrates strength, agility and flexibility and the beautiful pyramids and static holds require immense concentration and cooperation among the partners. The Dynamic Exercise consists of rhythmic tumbling with exciting “flight” elements and daring throws, pitches, catches, and tumbling sequences highlighting the choreography. Acrobatic Gymnastics is fun for athletes of any age and athletic ability. Cal Elite Kids is thrilled to be incorporate Acrobatic Gymnastics into its Performance Athletic Programs! (Ages 6 years and older.)


Cal Elite Gymnastics

Cal Elite Kids’ gymnastics program is based on our own unique Performance Oriented Curriculum. Twice a year, all of our athletes participate in a gym wide athletic SPECTACULAR! At Cal Elite Kids, we teach gymnastics with an aim toward performance. Instead of just teaching rote cartwheels or back handsprings across the floor, our students learn high level gymnastics skills incorporating music, theatrics, props, bars, vaults, beams, trampolines, ropes, trapezes and costuming. Our expectations are high and our students excel! Come see why our athletes continue to improve and enjoy their gymnastics year after year!



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