Dance provides a wonderful link between a child’s early play and the more structured requirements of school. Dance enhances a child’s physical, intellectual, aesthetic, and social development. Dance provides opportunities to develop the imagination, and encourages children to co-operate, develop friendships, and appreciate their own abilities as well as their classmates’ abilities; Dance fosters important relationships with sound, music, auditory and physical patterns.

Cal Elite Kids Dance School provides professional dance training to students ages 1 ½ – 18 years. Cal Elite offers a structured curriculum designed to teach excellent dance technique and form, while promoting strength and flexibility; encouraging commitment; instilling grace; and fostering a life long love and appreciation of dance. It is our firm belief that every dancer must start with strong technical training in the classical dance disciplines. Our emphasis on technique and form begins in our preschool dance program. We take full advantage of all that is wonderful about a preschooler and make sure that our program is sweet, encouraging, and interactive.



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