Cal Elite Kids is an amazing and dynamic place for kids! Offering so much more than activities and educational programs for children 6 months – 18 years old, we change children’s lives and strengthen the community in which we live…

“Cal Elite is a true gem in our community,” says parent Janice Whitman. “Their staff is incredible. Never have I felt so secure entrusting my child to another person. Never have I felt so proud of my child, watching her laugh and play, make new friends, learn new skills, develop and thrive in this environment made especially for her. Cal Elite is the place to be, and I feel proud to be a part of it.”

Through our professional athletic instruction in gymnastics, tumbling, swimming, soccer, dance, and cheerleading, we shape young lives, build social skills and have a lot of fun doing all of it. Our highly acclaimed musical theater department and very own specialized athletic theater brings generations of families together as children perform in full theatrical productions throughout the year. Cal Elite Kids Kindergarten and Preschool Academy integrates our award winning educational curriculum with the athletic programs that parents love providing the most comprehensive preschool program available. We also have fantastic ancillary programs including summer and holiday camps, preschool and academy Open Gym, parties, field trips, school fundraisers, and Parents’ Night Out.

Cal Elite Kids has over 100 extraordinary teachers, coaches and administrators. We pride ourselves in hiring the best and we build upon that foundation with continuous training and education. Our teachers have exceptional qualifications, relevant professional and teaching experience, and most of all, an unyielding commitment and dedication to our programs and the children we serve…

Jamie Ledford is Cal Elite’s Preschool and Academy Gymnastics Programs Manager, and was a Cal Elite Kid herself; her mom enrolled her in Cal Elites gymnastics as a three year old, and the rest was history. “I became obsessed!” says Jamie. “I competed at Cal Elite up through my teen years, until I made the switch to coaching at age 15. Teaching became the driving force in my life; so much so that I came back to Cal Elite full-time after receiving my Bachelors degree from UCLA.” Jamie is a cardholding member of the USAG, holds a certificate in Early Childhood Development, is a licensed preschool teacher, is CPR certified, and has eight years of coaching experience. “Being a part of the Cal Elite team is a blessing,” says Jamie, “and one that I don’t take for granted.”

We know that children thrive in environments where they have opportunities to achieve and be recognized. Unique to Cal Elite Kids, our athletic curriculum is performance based, meaning, our students train to perform, rather than compete. Our learning objectives are progressive and challenging and we instill standards of excellence in all our athletes. We have many special events and activities designed to challenge our students and give occasion to showcase and applaud their many accomplishments. Cal Elite Kids students and families enjoy participating in dance recitals, holiday shows, gymnastics exhibitions, professional sports events, televised events, swim meets, family carnivals, city events, community service events, school functions, and many other special events throughout the community.


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