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You can’t do it!” At some point throughout our lives these four words have been told to all of us.

Whether it’s related to work, personal, health, or athletics, more often than not, this message can be repeated verbatim in our minds. Why? Firstly, our mind tends to hang on to negative feedback because we are afraid of failing. And secondly, “You can’t do it!” is a statement usually said by someone we hold in high regard (a coach, mother or father, close friend). For that reason, it becomes something personal and emotional. Automatically we begin to doubt ourselves by asking, “Are they right? Can I do this?” Then our inner voice says, “Maybe they are right, I don’t know if I can do it.” This is the unconscious mind talking. On the other hand, the conscious mind becomes aware of its thoughts and shifts into what I call “beast mode”. Beast mode mentality is the difference between fighting and running away; being resilient and failing; falling down and getting up; or falling down and staying down. In short, beast mode is the ability to overcome adversity. And let me tell you, resilience is always the answer! You can do it!

Your conscious mind is connected to your gut (which happens to always be correct). This is what will tell you, you can do it because the conscious mind is positive and progressive. Now, if the goal in life is always to “be happy” and positive, why wouldn’t you go with your gut!? The key to this is to truly love and believe in yourself even if or when nobody else will. Just like my sister said, “you have to be your own biggest fan,” my fiancé (probably the most inspirational person I know) reminds me daily to “gain strength from adversity.” Life is full of struggles and tough times, but on the same token, your quality of life is determined by your attitude. You always have the choice of how you respond to life’s obstacles. Adversity is defeated by determination, positivity, and authenticity.

With our goal to always remain positive and real, my fiancé and I will be starting our next business venture. We are combining my expertise as a Soccer Performance Specialist and his expertise in Professional Action Sports and Personal Training. This yields our bread and butter: Adult P.E., which is a group High Intensity Interval Training Program with a recess-like spin on it to put the fun back in fitness. In this, we bring you the most unique fitness facility San Clemente has ever experienced. To be convinced of what I’m talking about, just try out one class! I promise you will not be disappointed. My confidence in our success (as a couple starting a business) roots from the beast mode mentality! We realize that all the doubt and nay-sayers are projecting their own self-doubt and fear of failure upon us. Our resilience is mandatory, and our success will come from our attitude. The choice is to be positive and real!

Come check out Foundation Fitness for yourself! Contact me, Blake Zerboni, for Soccer Specific or Personal Training. Contact my counterpart, Ry Steinhoff, for Action Sports Training or Adult P.E.TM Group Training. And remember, “You can do it!”

Blake Zerboni

Co-owner of Foundation Fitness
Soccer SPS

Ry Steinhoff

Owner Foundation Fitness
Actions Sports and Adult P.E.TM


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