Finding Peak Performance

Reach your full potential through an integrated approach to elite level physical therapy, fitness, and performance training.

Peak Performance

DSC Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness has moved into San Clemente’s Surf Ghetto. Residing at 201 Calle de Los Molinos, they are a fully integrated physical therapy clinic and gym offering industry leading physical therapy, sport specific training, as well as individual and group fitness classes. Owner and CEO, Kevyn Dean, MSPT, OCS, who also is the current medical director for the USA surf team, brings 25 years of clinical experience and is a board certified orthopedic specialist. Kevyn is joined by Scott Kennaugh, ¬ B.HmSc. ¬ CPPS Level One, and Kurt Soria, NASM certified personal trainer and crossfit certified football coach. Their goal is simple: Bring specifically directed performance programming to Orange County!

Although the common answer to performing at your best is working hard, the professionals at DSC Physical Therapy and Fitness believe that hard work only pays dividends when directed correctly. Whether you want to perform your best in life, on the job, or in an athletic endeavor, clearly defining the client’s realistic goals is critical. Therefore, their model integrating physical therapy, fitness, and athletic performance spends specific time with each client helping them to define their goals and needs. Kevyn often says “you can not expect peak performance, if the person training or treating you doesn’t know exactly how you perform.” As such, he and his staff regularly attend athletic events to watch their clients participate in sport, film their athletes during competition or practice, or regularly meet one-on-one with the non-athletes wishing to improve their health. It is a clinical approach to reaching peak performance.

The proof is in the results. Here is just a small list of professional athletes they have worked with: The Gudauskas brothers, Brett Simpson, Miguel Pupo, Taj Burrow, Evan Geiselman, Nate Yeomans, NFL veteran John Welbourn, and Tennis superstar Pete Sampras.

The core beliefs, which DSC was built on are:

Character Counts: Better people make more consistent and better performers. Who you are outside your sport directly impacts how you perform in your sport.

Performance through Purpose: To ensure optimal performance, every component of the program must have a purpose: Evaluation of the athlete to identify (diagnose) strengths and weaknesses. Setting goals for each athlete to achieve (a functional outcome to target). Development of a training protocol (treatment) to move the athlete toward their specific goals. Constant and consistent monitoring of each individual (re-evaluation) to ensure they are on the path to maximum improvement.

Watch your athletes when it matters: Only through consistently watching an athletes’ game time execution are you able to design an appropriate training/treatment protocol.

Learn from the best: To be the best, you have to learn from those that know more than you in any given area. Other doctors, physical therapists, trainers, coaches, and athletes are great resources.

Know what you can control and what you can’t: Work hard on molding the controllable variables to your will. In doing this the variables outside of ones’ control become less impactful.

As a leader, never stop growing: Continually improving yourself gives you the opportunity to give the best to your clients.

If you are looking to improve your health, fitness, or sport performance, be sure to check with DSC Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness. Peak performance is possible, when you find the right people in your corner.


San Clemente – 201 Calle de los Molinos
Costa Mesa – 1635 Superior Avenue, Suite 5


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