Born to paint, Fitz Maurice has been an artist all her life. Supporting herself as a professional artist for over 25 years, she was the winner of The New York Jackson Pollock Foundation Award in 2001. She has exhibited in many renowned International, Juried exhibitions, and art galleries throughout Europe and the United States.

She is already on an incredibly exciting “Quest” to paint “live” in the Great National Parks of America. She will travel to and explore each National Park searching for the Ultimate Scene, then create an original oil painting. “When I am immersed in the surroundings of that particular park, I can breathe in its unique air, light, fragrance—all the elements that will give the painting its extraordinary life.”

She is extremely thankful that America had leaders like Theodore Roosevelt and artist Ansel Adams who had the insight and wisdom to preserve and protect National Parks for all generations. Fitz has loved to travel for many years and be inspired by these monuments of beauty that inspire artists of all kinds, provide golden memories for families, and give everyone a sense of national pride knowing they are available. National Parks are every American’s Birthright!

“I have loved how many people have responded and encouraged my ‘Quest’ to paint ‘live’ in the National Parks! They are all telling me how important and timely it is to support the preservation of these irreplaceable landscapes. I want to be an advocate as an artist and as an American, helping to promote and protect these precious and vulnerable national treasures.”

For many years, Fitz has painted passionately in over 15 National Parks. That experience has evolved into her commitment to capture the uniqueness of each park. You can see for yourself the painting, “MOUNT ZION”, which she created in Zion National Park, Utah. Another vibrant oil painting created in Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico is titled, “ENCHANTED”. There are original paintings like “SOURCE” inspired by Wyoming’s incredible Grand Teton National Park.

Fitz Maurice PaintingsNow, there are 2 finished Oil Paintings that are part of the new NATIONAL PARK SERIES “QUEST: SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA” and “SERENE-BANDELIER NATIONAL MONUMENT, N.M.”

Just last month Fitz traveled to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. “The majestic waterfalls were so refreshing after hiking through the steep, sun splattered woods. Waterfall oil paintings are actively in progress! These and future paintings will be part of the National Park Series. This autumn, I plan to go to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and capture that awesome natural wonder.”

Fitz has favorite National Parks for different reasons. “The Grand Canyon is an all time favorite because I love rafting the wild Colorado River and camping on the beach. The dramatic drop down to the basin should be your first warning not to hike down and back up the same day, like some of us found out the hard way! Personally, I love Sequoia National Forest because it is an easy road trip and I get to swim in the fresh mountain water of Hulme Lake everyday. I can’t wait to return to Yellowstone National Park and I am elated to know that there are so many National Parks that are extraordinary in their own captivating way. That keeps me focused on the ‘Quest; to capture each park’s unique essence.”

Fitz has traveled extensively, painting in different countries around the world. Her paintings were chosen to represent the United States in The Florence Biennale, Italy and The Paris, France Triennial International Juried Exhibition. She also has a reputation for creating symbols that encourage world peace. Her painting, “THE WAR OF HUMAN RIGHTS”, was exhibited at the United Nations World Conference in Vienna and has traveled the world as the symbol of human rights. In 2009, New York Mayor Bloomberg honored Fitz as an Internationally acclaimed artist, and congratulated her with The Unisphere Award for creating the TOLERANCE Symbol. Recently, she spent months creating a 12 foot mural “TRIUMPH” which I donated to the 9/11 2011 Tribute celebration in New York.

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