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SC Beach Conservation Teams With International Innovators

San Clemente Beach Conservation Program was created in an effort to preserve their precious beaches. With our city rapidly expanding and tourism increasing they have taken it upon themselves, as a community, to make an effort to sustain the beauty of our gem located on the California coast. Their immediate goal is to raise awareness for beach and ocean conservation by taking action and keeping our city clean.

“Our goal is to start small and create a buzz locally. Eventually we want to expand our influence to the whole coast of California. From there we can expand to areas that desperately need our help — such as Bali. The thing is, it all starts with baby steps. So we are starting with our beautiful, small beach town and proving to everyone that we CAN make a difference if we come together as a community and express love and gratitude for the place we call home.” – Shon Miller (Founder)
Miller has been organizing these clean-ups and has been providing volunteers with donuts, coffee, waters, lunch, and drinks afterwards. He looks to partner with local businesses to continue to offer enticing perks to volunteers. “It’s all about making these clean-up events more of a fun thing to do with friends. Our cleans-ups are by no means a chore. Every one of our events is a party where we just so happen to give back to mother earth. Everyone just has an amazingly fun day…and they get to leave feeling great about themselves. The feeling we get as a group protecting our home is like no other. You have to experience it for yourself!”

SCBCP is actively enrolled in the “Adopt-A-Beach” program through the California Coastal Commission and will be adopting a new beach once every three months. The program is doing 1-2 beach clean ups per month and teaming up with the other non- profits, local schools, and other local organizations in order to spread their message to the younger generations.

Their board of directors is made up of San Clemente natives, international surfboard inventors, product innovators, non-profit industry leaders, and state park rangers. All of which have a dedicated, long term outlook for this program. Their long term aim is to reduce the overuse of single-use plastic as well as construct plans to rid our city of the disgusting cigarette litter epidemic!

San Clemente Beach Conservation Program currently has an Instagram and Facebook page up and operational but their website is currently under construction. They also have T-shirts and stickers available to anyone looking to donate to the cause.

With their strong branding and passionate board of directors ready to take charge, they have shifted their sites globally. The goal is to be much more than a local beach janitorial service. They are looking to raise awareness for sustainability in the surf world and beyond. SCBCP is already working with teams in Australia, France, Portugal, and Guatemala to spread the brand name “Beach Conservation Program” worldwide. They have already begun production on some very cutting-edge, up-cycled surfboards and accessories. Their aim is to create a recycle revolution!

Currently the team is raising the final funds necessary to secure their non-profit, 501-3c, licensing and go into 2017 fresh and ready. With a burning desire to implement immediate and substantive positive change in and around San Clemente, this team is sure to continue to gain speed. In less than four months they have held more than 10 organized clean ups, were featured on the cover of the SC Times twice, received a two page article in a surf magazine, and set up chapters worldwide! Once they prove their ability to manifest that change in their own city they are eager to set their sights abroad and spread their influence as far as humanly possible.

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