Hannah Reed

Hannah Reed, a young entrepreneur at SCHS, just launched her new website: hannahreedswimwear.com.

This driven young lady is determined and destined to be a success! When she was 6 years old she made backpacks and purses out of paper, drew designs on them and taped or stapled the pieces together. In middle school she made headband holders out of PVC pipe covered in bubble wrap and fabric and sold them to local businesses and friends.

As a Freshman, she did all the research on how to make swimsuits, designed the patterns, cut them and sewed them herself. She sold them on Instagram and had a few trunk sales, selling every suit in her inventory. Realizing she had a great customer base, she started adding more designs and creating new tops…which was the most challenging for her. Now, as a Senior at SCHS, Hannah has launched her website which has captured the attention of many people. She just received an internship with O’Neill at their main headquarters in Irvine, working with the design team.

Why purchase Hannah Reed Swimwear? “What’s unique about my swimwear is that it’s custom made. You can select any pattern, color, print, strings, coverage, etc. I’ve even had girls send me a photo of what they like and I’ll work my hardest to create it for them at a price that’s almost half of what competitors are charging.”

Hannah is quite the entrepreneur and is an inspiration to a lot of other young people.

“I spent a great deal of time researching and analyzing name brand bikinis and what made them so desirable. I took apart some of my favorite suits and invested some time learning how to sew swimsuits that mirrored my vision of an ideal bathing suit.”


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