Both power and Olympic weight lifting are great strength training tools and big components of CrossFit. Throwing heavy iron around the gym is a lot of fun! However, if done incorrectly it can weigh heavy on our joints and structural posture. Performing these movements and applying them regularly can be challenging without the proper coaching.

At BeachFit Crossfit we dedicate our coaching to making sure all athlete’s feel comfortable and confident on the floor with every exercise preformed and are doing the exercise to get the biggest benefits and gains they can. Our extensive backgrounds include multiple certifications covering not only CrossFit, but personal training, corrective exercise and performance enhancement. We understand the limitations the average person can have, whether it be shoulder, back, or knee issues, and guide the athlete through proper technique to proficient lifting.

Our main goal is to build the fittest, strongest athlete possible while in our hands. Focusing on form, technique and consistency before adding more weight is crucial to making strength gains. Being committed to this type of program will have major, long term benefits. Often people chase numbers, whether they be faster times, or bigger loads, and do it at the risk of both injury and cutting themselves short. Not obtaining proper range of motion will limit strength gains.

Weight lifting is not all about throwing a bunch of weights on your bar and maxing out, without knowing what you’re doing. There are critical elements involved in learning the proper form to be able to move up to heavier weights and not hurt yourself. You might start your workouts with less weight for a month or so, but that’s ok. Give your body and your brain a chance to adjust to the form and use the correct muscle groups. Some of our WOD’s (workout of the day) program a high number of repetitions at a lighter weight, which results in the total weight lifted per workout being greater. This leads to both better form and more strength so that heavy days can see bigger gains, especially in that one rep max.

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