Fronted by Aimee Allen, The Interrupters were a pleasant surprise at the recent Anaheim House of Blues show. The band opened for Devil’s Brigade and Street Dogs for a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend. This Los Angeles based band is getting ready to release an 11 song self-titled debut album for Hellcat Records featuring the song “My Family” with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. Tim is definitely a supporter as I also heard him promoting the band on his SiriusXM show (Tim Timebomb and Friends) the following Monday. Watching them live is great, the entire band has a fun and uplifting vibe that really permeates to the audience, everybody was up dancing and fist pumping. You can see that there is a camaraderie between the members as well as a family bond. Three of the members are brothers and during one song, the boys’ father came out and played a valve trombone, it was a great moment!

JMD recommendation to anybody questioning whether to go see the Interrupters is a definite “Oi!” and you can bring the entire family.


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