He sees the Bold and the Beautiful Life!

It’s all in the way we look at things and what we conclude from what we see. Thank goodness for those who have designed and developed, and fought through diversity to materialize the physical world we have around us today. Call it insight, intuition, or divine intervention, most of us agree that a special mental activity resides in the minds of great artists, great architects and designers, whom we give credit for designing and engineering tremendous structures, and beautiful, magnificent cities. We’ve witnessed the results of those who’ve dared to build their dreams into realities, such as Del Webb, Frank Lloyd Wright and many more.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Joseph G. Pacelli seemed gifted with a keen insight into the future of how structures could be improved or created. Graduating from the University of Connecticut with an A B Degree in theatre design, Joseph Pacelli found himself heading west. In California, he did post-graduate work at UCLA. This architectural designer found the road to success for him began with NBC Universal Studios, then WDE (Walt Disney Enterprises), Disneyland and the New York World’s Fair.

Ironically, Joe met his future wife, Alesta, on the job where they were both employed by an interior design firm in Beverly Hills. His designing career took him to designing hotels in Las Vegas with names like the Aladdin, Flamingo, and the Sarah Tahoe. The Hilton Hotel Corporation assigned Joe Pacelli as lead interior designer on the Palacio Del Rio Hotel at Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. Many more hotels and noted restaurants nation-wide also have the Pacelli stamp. Well, Joe’s talents didn’t end with the prestigious landmark creations. A continuous list of his artistic works include many projects in the film industry, including motion picture and television productions. To name only a few movie productions Joe Pacelli worked on: ANNIE, BACK TO THE FUTURE (I, II, & III), POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, SPACE COWBOYS, and FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS.

Like most visitors to Big Bear Valley, many of who are winter-sports enthusiasts, the Pacelli’s decided to become permanent residents of Big Bear Lake. At that benchmark, Joe designed their residence and had it built by a local contractor in the Fox Farm neighborhood of Big Bear Lake, California.

For the past twenty-eight years Big Bear Valley has been home-base for a most ‘worthy of notice’ man, Joseph G. Pacelli, and his wife Alesta. They fit right into the ‘fabric’ of the mountain community, by volunteering to participate in various community events. Joe’s out-going personality with his positive attitude of seeing good in everyone, attracts friends far and wide.

Throughout the history of Holcomb Valley pioneer families, explorers and miners, relocated in the San Bernardino Mountains, each seeking a new life of unlimited mountain beauty and potential of prosperity. Soon each discovered one principle ingredient to master success. In combination with a dedicated education, there must be the willingness to apply knowledge to the projects at hand, with hard work and determination. Joe Pacelli knows the formula and has applied the lessons of his experiences, while achieving great accomplishments.

During the earlier years in the valley, Joe found time to go out of his league to coach football and explore some adventures in the sports world. His written works appear in his book Building Your High School Football Program and George Allen’s Guide to Special Teams that Joe co-authored. He has had many special recognitions, awards and accreditations throughout his life that he humbly appreciates. Joe Pacelli’s sunset time of life has not really taken a slower pace.

Joseph PacelliJoe Pacelli retired from the position as a City of Big Bear Lake Planning Commissioner. He feels that was an opportunity to give back to the community and serve in an area that utilized his talents. During his tenure many projects were established, one of which is the renewal of the Village at Big Bear Lake in 2013. He has been busy researching, writing and creating a concept for the ‘Bold and Beautiful Big Bear Valley.’ He feels that those pioneers that journeyed up to the mountains from the desert below, had a dream. Many have passed through, and others have stayed to develop the communities that we live in today. Pacelli’s dream is unfolding as each day passes and will someday be celebrated by our children as Bold and Beautiful.


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