I have to admit, this was my first time checking out Love Canal so I don’t have any “back when I was in High School” memories about this Huntington Beach band. They do have some experienced members, like Bob Gnarly who has played with Youth Brigade. They have a classic punk sound, but in my opinion they need some Monster Energy to help them kick it in. The guitar, the bass, the drums were all pretty good… I’d like to see some stronger vocals. A few dives in the audience or something may be all they need to liven it up a bit. I can have fun at most shows and I had fun at this one, but I like to take cues from the wife on whether a band is worthy and my wife left to get us some drinks (she’s great like that)!

JMD recommendation: No real “Oi’s” here, but they would be cool to catch at local bar.


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