Dana Hills High School

Shining Example of a Strong Business Partnership

The Monarch Beach Resort (MBR) Academy program was created as a result of a partnership that Monarch Beach Resort formed with Dana Hills High School. In understanding MBR is always looking for creative and inventive ways of creating recruiting pipelines and DHHS was looking for an innovative program that would give their students a hands-on approach to learning about hospitality and culinary careers, it was a natural for this exceptional partnership to be created.

Additionally, to take the spark to a fire, a culinary lab opened in August 2017 at DHHS with MBR Executive Chef Thornton assisting in the ribbon cutting and sharing his life pathway in the culinary career pathway with the students.

The Monarch Beach Resort Academy is a progressive thinking program that provides students a hands on approach to learning, at the resort, in various roles that are of interest to the students, such as, front desk, Human Resources, event planning, culinary, concierge and food and beverage operations. The aim is at the end of the second semester program, MBR will be able to make some job offers to the students for our entry level, seasonal roles of pool and beach attendant.

The goal is to spark interest in the students to pursue future careers in hospitality and culinary. MBR looks to partner with the students and continue to bring them back each summer for job opportunities, and when they graduate from a college program, supervisor or entry level management positions.



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