Nine Style Sushi

Tucked between a laundromat, a liquor store and a Mexican food joint, locals gather in a dimly lit restaurant to fill themselves to the brim with fresh fish and sake. Judging from it’s outside appearances, it might seem questionable to claim that this little hole-in-the-wall serves up the seriously addictive, high-quality food that brings the customers coming back for more. Everyone inside can assure the skeptics, though: Nine Style knows sushi, and they do it very, very well.

After moving from Japan and working for years as a sushi chef in Long Beach, Kyuma Komatsu decided to open up a restaurant of his own. The community has welcomed him with open arms and an appetite for authentic Japanese sushi. Komatsu and the team at 9 Style happily and consistently satisfy the generalized hunger for fish on rice done right. Whether you’re a dedicated Crunchy Roll customer or you prefer something more traditional, this place is the ultimate cure for most any sushi fix.

Daily specials feature the freshest varieties of fish, and popular house-favorites such as the Koba Koba roll (deep fried soft shell crab with tuna on top) are a must-try. If you want to stick to authentic Japanese sushi, Shoko Yamaguchi—a head manager at 9 Style—recommends the Yellowtail, served sashimi-style.

Can’t decide between the Spicy Cajun Tuna nigiri and the cream-cheese stuffed Philadelphia roll? Get them both to take full advantage of the spectrum of goodness that exists within this special little corner of San Clemente. And the next time you’re sun drunk and starving, do yourself a favor and venture away from the beach, up Avenida Victoria…stop when you see a surfboard with ‘9 Style Sushi’ written on it. Step inside, cool down, treat your tastebuds and thank me later.

102 Avenida Victoria #E, San Clemente
(949) 366-3669


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