This program is a special clinic which is designed for our family members who are interested in more professional technique and knowledge of golf. Randy Chang, PGA award-winning golf instructor, delivers the secrets of his signature golf skill based on 30-years instruction experience. Specifically, main topic will be secrets of the L2L swing, effortless power, mental golf skill to improve your game, to be the best putter in the world, Chang Chip, bunker shots, and specialty shots. Randy Chang Golf Academy at Talega offers a well rounded Juniors and Adult golf education system that will improve your golf game. Our group program embraces three important factors: skill, fun motion skill, and the story of golf to encourage your child to perform better, get motivated and build personality. RC Golf Academy is operated by highly qualified teaching professionals at Talega.
This class takes place on Saturday or Sunday, offering 3 levels of Junior Classes.
Starting Saturday September 12 – October 31

Fee: $198 (8 lesson series)
Location: Talega Golf Club, 990 Avenida Talega, SC
Beginner (Player Level) 1:00-2:00 pm
Intermediate (Champion Level) 2:15-3:15 pm
Advanced (Master Level) 3:30-4:30 pm

Beginner (Player Level) 9:00-10:00 am
Intermediate (Champion Level) 10:15-11:15 am
Advanced (Master Level) 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Private Lessons after 2:00 pm

Level Classification

We classify juniors into 3 levels based on the performance test. All juniors who successfully complete each level will receive a certificate of achievement.

Player Level

Introducing the game of golf and basic movements and skills for Juniors who are playing golf for the first time. They will learn the basics of the golf swing such as: set-up, posture, stance, alignment, grip, etc. Learn putting techniques and will be introduced to the Chang Chip. Juniors will become Champion when they pass the performances test, and be able to distinguish the difference between a pitch and a chip and when to use it on the course. Champion players have to be able hit the golf ball off of turf without a tee.

Champion Level

Player is able to manage on-course experience for at least 3 holes with advanced movement and skill. Introduction to bunker play and specialty shot. This level will focus more on the course using what you have learned in previous levels.

Master Level

Introducing tournament play. During this level, we will help Juniors build-up confidence and in-depth knowledge about the rules of golf and proper manners.

What to Test

RCGA believes a well programmed golf lesson should have a positive influence on junior’s performance and at the same time it is critical to evaluate it, in a measurable and accessible manner. The following criteria were carefully developed based on our lesson contents.

How to Test

Signature golf skilled-based criteria consist of a qualitative test for the fundamentals and quantities test for performance. Also, the attitude and manner criteria are highly related to everyday class participation, such as: attendance, homework, attire, reward stickers, etc.

When to Test

Every 4th week of the lesson in each month is a performance day when Juniors can show their ability to perform. Monthly performance tracking with coach comments will help juniors improve their performance as well as motivating them through goal-setting. New juniors should take their placement test on the performance day for the following month registration.

Fun Motion Skill

According to Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), most expert sources prove that a child who develops a better base of fundamental movement skill will develop golf skills at a faster rate and will peak at a higher level of expertise. Our Fun Motion Skill (FMS) is based on a fundamental movement skill developed by TPI, while our coach modified and developed FMS to fit our program characteristics for the Juniors Level. Basically, FMS is a group of fun activities that includes: agility, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, core strength, balance, speed, change of direction disassociation that are related to the daily lesson topic. We believe our FMS can help Juniors improve their golf performance while having fun during class. Parent support and active participation are an integral part of the program for Juniors.

Junior On Course Lesson

Junior on course lesson (JOL) is a Champion and Master level advanced course for champion and master level students. This program is designed for Juniors to experience the game of golf as well as experiencing rules and manners through 3-holes mini-rounds (custom yardage for juniors) at Talega Golf Course. All Students will be accompanied by an RCGA instructor.



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