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A solution for women with thinning hair!

More than 50 million women in the United States have thinning hair and there are very few solutions to fix it. They spend billions of dollars every year to make their hair look thicker and more alive. Half of these women, particularly those who have had children, those who are approaching menopause, those who have genetic hair loss and are often young, and those who had chemotherapy develop thin hair. All of the commercial products on the market do nothing to impact the thinning hair that plagues these women.

Some use a volumizer to thicken each individual hair, but the hair densities may be so low, that any hair product they use will have no effect on what they see. Others use a powder to cover up the scalp but these often come off on their clothes or pillows and creates a mess. It is only a temporary fix.

This thinning process is often slow and insidious and one day a woman looks at herself in the mirror and sees the impact of years of thinning hair and she senses hopelessness as she spends hundreds of dollars on products that will not fix what she sees. But hopeless these women are not, as our non-surgical permanent Scalp MicroPigmentation process can solve the appearance of thinning hair and make almost every woman appear as if she has a thick head of hair.

Take for example the case of a young woman from Orange County and a recent patient at the New Hair Institute. For years she looked at herself in the mirror and disliked what she saw. Every year her hair seemed to get thinner and thinner. She knew about hair transplants but that was not something she could do. A few years ago she heard about Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and became intrigued by a permanent non-surgical solution to her thinning hair.

Earlier this year, she felt the time was right and booked a consultation with us at the New Hair Institute and decided to go for the gold and have SMP done to address her thinning hair. The results speak for themselves. SMP helped her feel better about herself and enhanced her natural aesthetic qualities.

Bald men already know about the benefits of having SMP. Now this non-surgical technology can benefit women with thinning hair. It’s an easy procedure and it’s permanent.

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