Stop! Quiet! Off!™ was formulated by a top trainer to stop your dog’s unwanted behavior. Dogs don’t like the smell and will stop the behavior immediately. Sprayed on a dog’s chest, Stop! Quiet! Off!™ stops barking, jumping up, and stealing food off the counter. It is a safe, effective, powerful deterrent. Works in your car to stop barking, just mist in car and no more barking! Great on walks, just spray ahead what you don’t want dogs to eat.

It is non-toxic, made from all natural botanicals. We like the smell, dogs don’t! (Not made from citronella or any ingredients currently on the market, all new!)

Stops These Behaviors

  • Eating things you don’t want them to. On your walks, spray ahead on the object you don’t want your dog to eat and he will smell it and move on.
  • Keep your dogs and cats off of furniture. Spray on a cloth and hang off your furniture. The smell will keep your dogs away and your cats from scratching. (Spray cloth only, not furniture directly. Spray liberally).
  • Keep your dogs out of places in your yard. Spray on ground, spray on plants and use a command like “LEAVE IT” STOP! QUIET! OFF! will reinforce your commands. (Will not work if you leave dog. Use it while you are there as a teaching tool).
  • Teach dogs not to jump out of your car until you tell them. Do this in a safe area, a place where you if you dog does jump out he will not be hurt and with a leash on your dog. Open car door slowly use hand to indicate “stay” use spray in front of dogs face and repeat command. Repeat until he respects command and say “OKAY” when you allow him to jump out.
  • No jumping on you in your car. Use spray on mist and spray in front of dog and say “OFF”
    Unwanted jumping on people. Use spray and say “OFF.” Repeat and no more jumping.

Training Tips: Be sure to try both Mister and Stream on sprayer. Your dog needs to get a good whiff of the smell to reinforce your commands. Say “QUIET” or “LEAVE IT” or “NO.” Give dog 3 seconds to process your command then spray and make sure they give you a reaction, then you know they smelled the spray. Repeat until dog associates smell they don’t like to your command.

Price: $12.99


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